Malongo Chocolate with Milk

90.00 AED


66.00 AED

Sugar stick

29.00 AED

Regilait Powder Milk

46.00 AED

St Michel French Sponge Cakes

25.20 AED

St Michel French Shortbreads

21.60 AED

St Michel Crunchy Coconut Cookies

13.20 AED

Al Ain Sparkling Water

5.90 AED

Coffee Accessories

Malongo Tea Pot

75.00 AED

Coffee Latte Glass Cup

28.00 AED

Mug cup + saucer

35.00 AED

Paper Cups

6.00 AED

Cappucino cup + saucer

30.00 AED

Expresso cup + saucer

25.00 AED

Expresso Glass cup

14.00 AED

Coffee cups shelf Disco

590.00 AED

Coffee Spatula in inox

2.00 AED

Coffee Spatula in wood

5.00 AED

Santos Grinder

4,500.00 AED

Joe Frex Knock Box

350.00 AED

Joe Frex Coffee Tamper

75.00 AED

Joe Frex Milk Pitcher

125.00 AED

Bialetti Moka Coffee Machine

175.00 AED

Bialetti French Press Coffee Maker

120.00 AED185.00 AED

Wooden Stirrer

0.10 AED


Maison Meneau Caramel Syrup

45.00 AED

Maison Meneau Pomegranate Syrup

45.00 AED

Maison Meneau Mint Syrup

55.00 AED

Maison Meneau Raspberry Syrup

45.00 AED

Maison Meneau Orgeat Syrup

45.00 AED