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Krups Milk Frother

    Krups Milk Frother

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    Prepare creamy, barista-quality froth for your latte or cappuccino at the touch of a button with the Frothing Control by KRUPS. Just pour in your milk (whole milk yields the best results), press the button and this shiny black frother will deliver the most luxurious, silky-smooth froth. It can also heat milk to 65°C without frothing – simply remove the whisk coil from the jug’s emulsifier. And why not add your favourite cocoa or even chocolate malt powder to the milk before pressing the button for an indulgently creamy hot chocolate. Or, for the ultimate treat, pour some Irish cream liqueur into the mix – bliss! The jug is non-stick coated for easy cleaning. Clear ‘MIN’ and ‘MAX’ markings inside make it easy to ensure you use the right amount of milk for each function: up to 150ml for milk froth (enough for two cappuccinos) and up to 300ml for hot milk. The flat see-through lid prevents splashes and lets you watch the magic happen. The Frothing Control also turns off automatically, so there’s no risk of burnt milk. The jug itself is cordless and has a cool-touch handle for safety. The 360° swivel base means you can pick it up with either hand, while the all-round pouring rim lets you serve from any angle. Easy to use: Just add milk, push the button and the KRUPS Frothing Control will heat and froth your milk to barista quality. To warm milk without frothing, simply remove the whisk coil first. Fuss-free cleaning: The jug’s non-stick interior and removable emulsifier make clean-up easy. Clean the lid, emulsifier and inside the jug using warm water and washing-up liquid with a sponge. No guesswork: ‘MIN’ and ‘MAX’ markings inside the jug mean you always use the perfect amount of milk – up to 150ml for whipped froth and up to 300ml for hot milk for your hot chocolate. Controlled results: The KRUPS Frothing Control stops automatically for milk that’s heated and frothed to perfection, without risk of burning or scalding. Convenient design: The clear lid stops splashes and lets you peek inside, while the cordless jug has a cool-touch handle, 360° base and easy-serve rim, allowing you to pick up and serve from any side.